How are you?

It is very important to have conversations with kids. This helps parents build good relationships and be closer to the child.

☀️ Instead of the usual "How are you?"

Ask your child this:

▪️What activities help you feel courageous?

▪️What superpowers would you like to have? How would you apply them?

▪️What did you like the most from today's walk (trip, on the playground)? Why?

▪️What did you not like at all from today's walk (trip, on the playground)? Why?

▪️What kind of monster or magical creature would you become for a while? Can you draw?

▪️If your favorite toy suddenly became real, what would you do together or talk about?

▪️What animal would you like to be?

▪️What do you do best?

▪️What is your favorite activity? What about the unloved?

▪️What makes you sad? And rejoice?

▪️What is love? What about happiness?

▪️What do you like most about your dad (grandmother, sister, teacher)?

By the way, these questions can be asked to the child every year - for example, on his birthday.

Surely the answers will change, and he himself will be very interested in a few years to read what he was like, what he liked and why ❤️

The Second Child

What can I tell you: second children are such a thrill!

You already know that parenting books don't work at all.

You know that sooner or later the child will learn to walk, speak, learn colors and letters and finally assemble a pyramid)))

And yes, you have no doubt that your teeth will grow to him, and you no longer terrorize dentists with the question “well, when?”.

You just enjoy the time spent together ❤️

The time

The most valuable resource you can spend is time with your children. They grow up before our very eyes and become adults very quickly. That's why it's important to remember that only photography can freeze moments of shared experiences in your memory forever❤️

From yearly sessions to document growth to special events like birthdays and graduations, I will help you create a visual story of your child's life!